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[el-ee-sian] Greek
(adj) Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


Kevin Ubilla


Software Engineer | Cert Personal Trainer 

iOS Developer
AR/VR  Design
PCB Design
Muscle Gain
Body Sculpting
Meal Plans
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My mission is simple; increase human healthspan.

I build tools to enhance performance and natural abilities. 

Feel like you need to upgrade your fitness routine?  

"A revolutionary increase in life span has already occurred. A corresponding increase in health span, the maintenance of full function as nearly as possible to the end of life, should be the next gerontological goal." — John W. Rowe and Robert L. Kahn, Science, 10 July 1987 


D1 Athlete at age 14


Attended the #1 Sports Science Academy

in  Latin America

One of a kind training program for young student athletes providing:

- personalized meal plans

- 6 hrs school, 4 hrs practice / day

- high performance training facility

 FAST Weight Gain/Loss

I can assist with:

  • Muscle Gain for Sports, Aesthetics, etc.

  • Cut Weight for Boxing, Competition, Special Events

  • Post Surgery Weight/Muscle Retention

  • Injury Prevention/Rehab

  • Look 20-30 years younger

Form Correction

Motion Capture Analysis

A rocket science style approach to help you reach your goals.

Staying in shape isn't always easy, and it gets progressively harder as we age.

We employ cutting edge biomechanics software from Stanford University's Human Performance Lab to ensure that you are developing at the pinnacle of human perfection.

We all want to look and feel younger, but mistakenly believe this can only be achieved by professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

My Story

I left home at age 14 to pursue professional soccer at Latin America's premier University of Football and Sports Science (UFD), a training ground for Club Fútbol Pachuca. Upon returning home,  I attended community college where I played American Football and transferred to UC Berkeley with a 4.0 GPA.


At Berkeley, I studied Computer Engineering and Business. I joined Space Enterprise Berkeley (SEB), the campus rocketry club to learn missile technology. In order to pay rent, I built a healthy food catering service and sold homemade energy bars at the farmers market. As an athlete, I noted that existing AR/VR devices were too clunky and not useful for users in motion. Thus, I built my own Augmented Reality headphones prototype in my dorm room.

Upon graduating, I launched the Elis FIT mobile/smart watch app- your personal trainer in your pocket. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Kevin Ubilla

Founder | Omni Astrobiotics Inc.

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